Writing to Maintain the Meta-

Matt Maday

This blog post is a planning document that I’m posting as a blog. It’s going to outline my goals for creating a blogging schedule. Additionally, this should serve as a possible handbook for other bloggers. Just be forewarned that it’s my outline; your wants/needs may be different. Also, it represents a mash-up of writing styles: representative of my background in technical writing, creative writing, professional/scientific writing. My poetry and research work have received high academic recognitions, yet I’ve also written a satire of the experimental method that no one — professors, students, me — can understand.

So, if you like to experiment with your writing, I’ve got you covered. Also, if you need some fresh ideas because the tried-and-true are experiencing diminished returns, this might refresh your writing. Or, hidden in these ideas and the way they are formatted and expressed is the classic, gold-standard methodical playbook for all blogging and blog-scheduling activities from henceforth. Whatever works.

I’m going to post content on Monday and Tuesday; Thursday and Friday. Monday and Friday are going to be blog posts. Tuesday and Thursday are going to be podcast posts. I can post a schedule on the homepage that includes the regular schedule with an announcements section if there are changes, e.g. I’m blogging today to plan this blog schedule, but I won’t normally blog on Saturday: this information could go in the announcements.

Today, I’m blogging about blogging, blogging about blog-scheduling, and scheduling how I’m going to blog within my blog entry about scheduling blogs. Matt Maday’s getting meta-; help me.


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