Autonomy (Part II of III)

A Flash Fiction Piece in Parts by Matt Maday

Just a dream or hallucination not reality—or—a dissociative state that did occur in response to a reality so shocking! that—WHOA UH—having an out-of-body experience when you’re outside your spacecraft and in outer space—that will slap you naturally back to consciousness.

I was right up against one of them squids—those squid—does it matter?! sorry—I was indeed able to communicate via OcTone-a-Ton with the squid commander conveniently due to my cerebrospelunker equip—whoa!—didn’t notice the synaptic rush of electricity until the squid data-dispersed into a star cluster.

I was deeply leaking data. The squid patchers got me intact again, though. The captain and the pilot waved—wove?!—uh—sorry—again wasn’t able to exactly leave it all there in space you know?

The captain and the pilot waved from the ship’s window. I watched a radiant circle of glowing quasar energy delineate space and time and nature.


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