College (Matt Maday)

It’s about how I viewed a film
like Easy Rider on

a DVD borrowed from the
college library

I watched Peter Fonda
on a laptop;

now I have a TV
and a better understanding.

sometimes I talk to God, ask

Him why
I’m a nihilist; He tells me that

I’m not, and I really have to
at this possibility:

I was most wrong in my
moments of doubt
like when I was at the bar
drinking just a
little bit

sliced open a blister on
my thumb

in the

looking in the mirror
as I washed it.

the alcoholic soap
made a hiss
like the


sounded when

I watched Timothy Leary as he spoke
to my college
on video cassette.

I was there watching with ear cover


I was alone.

“Choose your soft drink
and get free”

‘Caffeine Control Group with Nicotine’


‘Psilocybin Psychology Philosophy’

I was just thinking about
how these might
have been my most
formative years,

how I was at the bar caught a glimpse
of myself in the mirror

and realized
this form of
prayer is not the same and means
something totally different when


like the sting
when my new skin was exposed
at times I still feel it.


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